Long term Project

An ancient battle between good and evil for years the paladins’ have hunted and slain evil the most persistent of evils is the vampire, and the vampires most devastating weapon the werewolf a genetically enhanced being with devastating strength and a ferocious hunger. For 18 year old Jereth his world is turned upside down when a newly created prototype of a more intelligent type of werewolf manages to escape its masters, and leave its mark on the unsuspecting youth when camping with friends. Jereth now has to learn to cope with his new condition if he is going to survive in a world that is trying to kill him.
Genre. Christian Teen, Action, Adventure, (with a little romance)

Transparency’s With Bottles

[box type=”bio”] this is a charcoal still life i did for my drawing 2 class took me about 5 hours to complete. This was one of my favorites to draw because it really challenged me to watch my dark’s and lights while maintaining the credibility of the transparency’s [/box]


[box type=”bio”] This is my unicorn that I drew during the summer. Basically, how this guy came to be is I was going through some of the old stuff that I drew when I was just starting out. Anyway, I kept an old unicorn pic because at one point I had treasured it. Well, I look at it now….gosh I used to suck at drawing. So I re-drew him and with my current skill I found my self falling for my drawing yet again. I cleaned him up a little with Gimp and then posted him. I have a couple others coming too. This is just the first one I cleaned up. It might take a week or two to clean up the others…. snap… I just realized that I’ve been rambling…. okay, last thing: If you see anything wrong with my drawing here, let me know. I absolutely love criticism. It gives me a chance to reflect and correct.[/box]