Jo-Jo the black Cat

This is one of my favorite D&D Characters. His role play is so much fun. XD
Class: Monk

Alignment: lawful Good (with some chaotic tendencies) 

Personality: (Try to imagine, if you can, Sokka from the last air bender as a, ninja cat person, cursed with bad luck :3)

Backstory: Jinx is a word I don’t particularly like, though unfortunately, it is what I am. Abandoned as a cub I was lovingly taken in and raised by the monks at the monastery in the Southern Zakaran mountains. Being now of age I have since ventured forth into the world in on a pilgrimage of self discovery. I did so with the hopes of helping those less fortunate even then me, mainly traveling as a hired hand and body guard for caravans and rich merchants. Who knows, I may even find a way to lift my cures. For the last year, sadly I have learned that the world is far less forgiving of my nature then the monks at the monastery were and I have begun to build a bit of an exaggerated reputation for myself. They now Call me The Black Cat, but I can tell you their are things far worse then letting me cross your path.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: (Journal) ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Entry 1: The Journal master Den gave me a year ago was unfortunately destroyed by rain two months ago, and the second journal was stolen twice recovered then final destroyed also when my campfire got out of control three nights ago. Hopefully I can keep this new journal for longer than a week. Or at least long enough for me to make some money to buy a new journal. and maybe a backup journal. As often as I lose stuff, Its a miracle I haven’t lost Den’s Quarterstaff, maybe its lucky or something. I hope that luck holds out. Running out of food again, a weed rat managed to get into my bag again last night and ate all my little cakes. Fortunately he didn’t eat the fruit though I think that’s because it was starting to smell a little, I’m sure its still fine. As for my water skin…
…it is gone, and that is all anyone ever need know about that. my goodness I really don’t like fairies.
I cant really remember the last time I had something to drink that didn’t have something swimming in it. Perhaps ill meet a friendly traveler on the road tomorrow with some extra food. or dare I hope, some proper ale. good night Journal, better luck in the morning.

Entry 2: Hello Journal, Today was a very interesting day. No stranger than usual I suppose, but still. Early this morning a bear wondered into my camp and I had to ditch the last of my food and my new walking cloak to get away. Also, seeing as it was still dark, I kind of ended up getting lost. Even after sun rise, till late in the afternoon I couldn’t find any sight or sign of the main road. I don’t think I have ever been so hungry in my life. Still, as my luck would have it I didn’t stay lost forever. Early evening I stumbled across some adventurers cooking a really big pig. They even shared some. Now I know what your thinking, Some good luck for a change. I thought so too at first. Not only was the pork not poisoned but it was actually quite delicious. Also my new companions did not attempt to mug and or drown me like that last group I settled down with. Sadly my good fortune stopped there. I really have to say that, though my curse has landed me in some strange adventures in the past, dragons are a first for me. The first thing we noticed was the smoke rising to the north. The dragon had apparently attacked a town not too far from where we were eating and, naturally, we being such a motley group of good Samaritans, just had to rush in and get involved. To summarized the chaos of the whole adventure, we were ambushed once, fought no less than thirty Kobolds, I interrogated a few of them under the threat of tickling, and lastly I learned that paladins were actually very arrow dynamic. Honestly, the strangest my day really had to offer was in my new companions. There was Cora, the flighty but friendly bright beak, Garrett, the grouchy lizard Lord, Dr. Gerark, the blue faced doubled horned unicorn man, and Durain Dunklebeard, who just so happens to be, probably the most charismatic troll I have ever laid eyes on. The Catch phrases he repeats like a mantra are particularly infectious. I will have to treat the brave warrior to a round of ale the first chance I get. And perhaps challenge him to a friendly brawl after we are properly inebriated.
One last thing. Before settling down to write, something Dr. Gerark said stuck out to me. He asked why, when I fight, do I refrain from using lethal force. I of course told him about my oath and how the monks taught me to kill only when given no other choice. Master Den called it the golden rule. “Always treat others as you would want to be treated.” As such If I was ever defeated by a motley group of adventures, naturally I would be ever so grateful if they spared my life. That being said Gerark’s question suggested to me that the strange people of this land do not posses such a golden rule. If so then I will have to be extra careful. For if mercy is rare in this country then I will have to be extra generous with my own. Well that is it for today. I hope. Our journey is clearly far form over and it looks to be quite the fun one. Good night Journal, better luck in the morning.


Merry Christmas Everyone. been a while since I uploaded anything art related, so I figured I should push something out at least for the holiday. Been working on this since this morning. Hope you guys like it. 

This is an Asperi; a magical species of Horse from the second D&D 3.5 monster manual. The creature has power over the wind and cold, is highly intelligent, and can fly (literally) with the wind. Better than most dragons in fact. They are pretty rare though they can mostly be found roaming around frozen mountain ranges.


(DAY 7. 4 HOURS)

Day seven, I spent the first hour of the shift picking out stock video of Turkey for an upcoming project then once I had finished I resumed my research into the new management software. During my search I ran into a bit of a big snag as one of the software’s had very limited information available and I was forced to write an email to tech support.

(DAY 8. 4 HOURS)

Day nine, I spent the bulk of this shift sifting through the stock footage I had picked out for Kenson, and, using his card, I purchased the footage, sorted it and began layering in Final Cut. Toward the end of the shift I checked emails to see If I had gotten a response form tech support. No such luck. I decided to continue digging out info for a different software instead.

(DAY 9. 4 HOURS)

Day nine, Kenson’s kid came in today though I spent today working on the missionary video for Turkey. Kenson was busy making a bunch of phone calls, so I got to watch his boy for a bit then he asked me to run to the store real quick to pick up some batteries, water, and fruit. By the time I got back my shift was already over.

Senior Show (April 19th – May 10th)

My senior show Begins tomorrow. Graduation is close. I doubt anyone lives near Bowie but the event is open. My work will be displayed in the main Gallery of the Fine and Performing Arts Center. I will also be present for the entirety of the reception. 



(DAY 6. 8 HOURS)

Day 6, though shorter was also way more packed than usual. First I got right to work editing one of the video projects I had been assigned before, then after an hour Kenson sat down with me and gave me a new project. He told me he was thinking of investing in a new studio management software and tasked me with researching potential candidates. This entailed that I make a list and table for the top software’s available and list the pros and cons for each. Below is the table:



(DAY 5. 8 HOURS)

Day five was another long day, for the most part all Kenson had me do was organize more files and continue editing the next video. After about two hours of editing, he assigns me my own work space then tells me that after today he wants to change around the schedule so that he can get more effective work from me. We talk about it for about ten minutes and eventually decide that it would be best to split up my work load between two four-hour shifts per week. After we break, Kenson and me go over what I managed to get done the past couple of days and he seems pleased. He decides to keep most of the work I did and gives me further instructions on his preference of the video then leaves me to finish it.