Hire an Artist

My Rate 30/hour (Open to Negotiation)

I work for $30 per hour, though I am willing to negotiate that if what you are after is simpler than what I normally offer. Typically I work like the pump at a gas station. Pay me $30 and I work for an hour and then show you what I got. If you like what you see, then you can pay me another $30 to keep working on it. Rinse and repeat till you are happy or till you feel you have spent enough money.  If you would prefer to pay me all at once or you need me to work quickly, then be aware that, to protect my business, any preview I send you will be heavily watermarked, and the quality will be reduced till I receive the first payment or until I get to know you.

Payment Options

I do CashApp and Paypal for virtual or over-the-phone transactions, and I can do Cash, Debit, Credit, and Checks in person.

What I Can Do

I pretty much do it all, and I am not necessarily limited to just Graphic design.

  • Digital and traditional Watercolor and Oil painting
  • Corporate Design and Advertisements (Including logos and business cards)
  • Charcoal and pencil sketching
  • Photo Editing and Touch ups
  • Video Editing
  • Vector Graphics and Illustrations
  • Photography and Videography (I can also do aerial work with a drone.)
  • PDFs and Slides.
  • Basic Web and Game design with JavaScript and Python. (Price Varies with This option)
  • Coming Soon (Currently learning 3D animation so will be able to do 3D printing)
  • Creative Writing and critique (the price of critique is $15/50 words)
  • Various other Arts and Crafts

Shipping (Open to Negotiation)

Open to negotiation but provided the work is small or digital, then I can front the cost of shipping. If the project is extra large or requires special protection, then I will require the cost of shipping be covered by my clients. If you live within a couple hours of Cedar Hill TX, I am even comfortable dropping it off in person for you.

Getting Started

I respond best and fastest to text or Cell Phone during the day. Whichever way you contact me, I will need you to send me the details of whatever you want me to make for you over email. Be as precise and detailed as you can, and include any references you want. Keep in mind that since I work by the hour, you can save yourself money by saving me time. It can take me at least an hour just figuring out how you want something made or hunting down my own references for your project.


I am currently a full-time middle school teacher so my availability can be limited. Weekends are when I spend most of my time working on projects though I also have some availabilities on Wednesdays after 4pm.


I occasionally give discounts for friends, but I also may reduce my rate if the project you request is something fun or lets me try out a new technique. The things I enjoy drawing most are monsters and creatures, primarily dragons and werewolves. I also enjoy most fantasy and Sci-fi. Typically when I start one of these kinds of projects, even after my client has stopped paying me, I can’t help but keep going and will end up flushing them out for a couple of days or weeks till I am satisfied. Once I finish such a project, my clients are welcome to the final result with no additional charge.

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