(Senior Show) The Dragon and the Onion Girl

Ok everyone. Graduation is here and its time for me to prep for my senior show. The theme of which is going to be my new book. That is right, for my main show I am going to be designing and digitally painting 22 full paged color illustrations for my book “The Dragon and the Onion Girl.” The main goal of my show is to be able to tell the whole story with only these paintings. Of course I intend to convert them to black and white for the official book itself, however for this show its going to be full color spreads.

For those interested in exactly what my show is going to look like, is a general rough layout.

Ok everyone, here we have the very rough thrown together layouts for my illustrations.
















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Begining and Close for the Sprite of Eden

Here is the final. Thanks for watching.SpriteHere we go. Its mini Sprite and big Sprite. fixed an issue with the arms and cleaned up the proportions and shading.
Sprite first draft 2Here is sprite after I’ve outlined him and given him more color. Obviously I still have a long way to go, however now I know more about which direction I want .Sprite the VigilantHere is a quick sketch of Sprite, the Hero from my book The Dragon and the Onion Girl. I used a photograph of a friend as a reference for this and I am really pleased with how it turned out. Sprite 2


Just finished an outline for Candy the antagonist in my book Gabriel and the Black Candy Circus. Next I have to color it.

Now that I have some color I need to add some dramatic lighting, simulate texture, and add a background. I think I’ll have her standing on stage in front of her crowed. Spot light shining down on her dark figure.
Candy character sheet


All done

CandyCandy, youngest family member of the single most powerful coven of witches ever, The Black Circle. What makes them so powerful you ask. They are the keepers of Lucifer’s Grimoire also known as The Black Book. The book was a gift from Heavens first fallen, the devil himself.

As for Candy, though she was indeed the youngest, she was in no way the least of her family. In fact she was a prodigy, having mastered every spell and incantation years ahead of her time. As it so happens, on her sixteenth birthday, having been so accomplished, she presented herself to the head of the family, Mistress Glenumbra, and asked to have her name added to the contract located in the back of The Black Book. However, Candy was too young. You see contained within this book was not only every spell, hex and incantation ever used by the witches, the book is quite literally the source of power for those very spells. Should the book be destroyed, Magic would end and the witches would be powerless, not to mention mortal once again.

As it is no secret that those of the witch kind are immortal, it is however not commonly known that it is again this black book to which they owe their longevity.

When Lucifer first entrusted his book to the witches he also offered them a pact represented by a blood contract located on the last pages of the book. Those who inscribe their names no longer feel the pull of time on their flesh. However, this gift comes with a major drawback. Sure, those who subscribe no longer age, however they no longer grow as a person either. Be it, emotional,  physical, spiritual and every other aspect of their being. From the moment the deal is struck who they are remains constant, forever.

As such, it is no surprise that Mistress Glenumbra denied Ms. Candy’s request. Though Candy was indeed talented, she was also a vain self-centered sixteen year old and so she would remain for all eternity had Glenumbra accepted. Needless to say, though the circle could be tolerant of Candy’s young disposition and personality, they were not however, prepared to put up with it forever. Thus Candy was denied.

As could be expected the young witch did not take the refusal kindly. In fact she was so absorbed in her own disappointment that she went and did something no one expected. Candy went behind her family’s back, stole the Black Book, and signed the blood packed.

It did not take long for her treachery to come to light. Fearing the wrath of Glenubra, Candy with the help of her brother fled with the Book.

Escape however did not come easy, for the might of her family was against her. Cornered, but not out of options, Candy wove an ancient spell contained within the Dark Books  pages. A great incantation that had only been wrought once before. She created another world, one separate from our own and bound to her will.

Retreating within this world with none but her brother for company, Candy escaped the wrath of her family, and they dared not pursue her within this new world.

She did not stay within this world for long however. Neither did she flee. Far from it. All to quickly her thirst for attention and the spot light, which would now ever be apart of her, drover her to what she did next. She created The Circus, within which contained her world and within which she was lord and Mistress. Since that day, people from all over came to witness the wonders of her circus and the glory of its mysteries. The young enchantress had found her spotlight and this time, no one could deny her, for she was now founder, and ringleader of the Black Candy Circus.

Child of the Forest

Child wolf finThis is actually my first attempt a speed still life. Sadly this can no longer be considered a ‘speed’ drawing, as I have since improved upon it. Also, I realize the wolf isn’t real however I did draw the background from scratch while looking at a reference photo. It was allot of fun and i think it turned out quite nicely ^^

The story behind this character is that he is the son of Donza, Chief of the Ora, a tribe of warriors who have mastered the art of manipulating there (Internal energy/soul) and harness it as a weapon. Using the power within them they can perform impossible feats like flight or even shape-shifting.
Child, is the traditional name awarded to children of the Ora until they come of age and prove themselves worthy of a new name. Our hero’s story begins when he and other members of his tribe, including his father Donza, are attacked while providing safe passage for the king and his body guards. There attackers posses startling strength and through ambush managed to overpower the youth, leaving him mortally wounded.
On the precipice of defeat and seeing the fall of there son, chief Donza and his wife retreat and take cover, in order to perhaps rescue there fallen son. However his wounds prove to grievous, and whats worse they are still surrounded by there attackers. In a desperate act to preserve the life of there son Donza, with the assistance of his wife, manage to transfer Child’s soul into the body of there pet hound. The transference is only just completed they are finally discovered and killed. However since the transfer process left our hero nothing more than a comatose dog lying at his former body’s feet, Child was completely overlooked by his attackers. Thus child was the only survivor.
It has now been six years of watching over the remaining members of his tribe, as well as training and recuperating from the disadvantages of his new condition. The death of his parents still haunt him and the time has finally come, as he sets out for revenge.

Child Wolf quickChild Wolf sketch