The Dragon King


My name is Jura.

For the past four years I served as your King.

When I was anointed as your king, I was believed to be a knight of Holy Origin.

One who had slain the Black Dragon, Alskah, before rescuing your Empress.

This, however, is far from the truth.

Listen now to the tale of my life.

Twenty -five years ago, when King Oraido and Empress Orlea still ruled over Adamah, the kingdom was peaceful and prosperous. This was all thanks to the blessings bestowed to us by the Great Spirit as well as the sacrifices of the Empress Orlea. As you know, the Empress is chosen by the Spirit and charged with the responsibility of serving her kingdom as well as watching over the Spirit’s spring. The Kingdom’s prosperity is what doomed it, however. The dragon Alskah had turned an envious and jealous eye toward the Empress and her people. It was on the eve of the sacrificial ceremony that he ravaged them both; He slaughtered hundreds and took the Empress hostage. In the confines of the palace, he offered her a deal. If she would make him human, the slaughtering would end. She agreed and he became human.

However, he did not spare her life. Shortly after becoming human he forced himself upon, her inflicting great injury then disappearing. For nearly 10 months, her people desperately tried to save her but her time it, would seem, had come; But not before giving birth to me.

When I was born, my mother pleaded with Goth, her Vigil (personal body guard), to take me away. She knew I would be seen as an abomination in the eyes of her people, and so it was done. I disappeared with the Vigil and my mother passed away shortly after.

Goth raised me in my mother’s stead. When I was old enough, I was told of my mother as well as what my father had done. Growing up with hatred for my father, I was instructed in the way of the sword. I also became an apprentice of Enthrallment (The art of folding the elements into metal). My body was stronger than the average man and my senses sharper; it was not long before I mastered all the skills required to fight my father that I would find him. Nineteen years had passed since my father’s crime; the new Empress has been found. Even before the Empress is born she is chosen from the people by the Spirit to be his emissary to the kingdom.  My best friend, Rose, was chosen. The king had taken her in as one of his own and she was treated as royalty. And the people loved her. But she had forgotten me for when she assumed her position as Empress, she was endowed with all past memories of the eEmpresses that had come before her, thus losing her own. She did not, however, receive my mother’s. In an attempt to conceal my existence, my mother prevented her memories from being passed on.

I am not certain how Rose was found, though I imagine word of her existence as the new Empress made its way to the king’s advisor and he had her taken from her village in the night. Having already embarked on my quest to find my father it wasn’t until three years later that I heard of her disappearance. It did not take long for our search for my father to run cold, so Goth and I went back to the trails head. We made our way to Or, the capital city of Adamah, in the hopes of finding a new lead on my father. What I didn’t expect to find was Rose as the new Empress. To be honest, I first thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but at second glance I could tell. Goth, however, was not so sure.  If this was Rose, she was heavily protected by guards and kept separate from the people. Under the impression that direct confrontation with the Empress would be impossible, Goth left me to watch over our new spiritual leader while she set out to investigate Rose’s disappearance at our village. Though I had been instructed to keep my distance and simply observe, I simply could not help myself. So, I kidnapped her… granted, I had originally intended to simply meet her in the dark of night. However, when I came to her, she attempted to alert the guards and in the panic I grabbed her and fled. She definitely struggled but to no avail for I was far stronger and faster than any normal human could handle. Once we made it to the stable, I commandeered a horse and made my way to the kingdom’s surrounding forests. When we were safe, I attempted to reason with her again but she maintained that she did not remember me. Convinced she had been brainwashed, I was not willing to let her go.

That night, we both sat around the campfire while I told her about the life she led before and I think she started to believe me. She had become curious and started to ask questions about her family and friends before she was taken. She also asked about the bandages I wore on my right arm and whether or not I was injured. Rose also asked the significance of the beaded bracelet I wore around my bandages. I told her the bandages covered an embarrassing birthmark and the bracelet was to ward off evil. She seemed to accept this.

Though she claimed that some memory was returning, she also said that it did not outweigh her responsibility to her kingdom and that she had to return. I reluctantly considered it; however, she was not willing to wait. That night, I foolishly dropped my guard; Rose broke free of her bonds and fled.

She had believed herself safe but on her way home misfortune found her on the road. She was picked up by bounty hunters, not very nice ones at that. They thought they could take advantage of the king and his money and rather than give her back at the promised price, they would hold her hostage and negotiate for more. Perhaps they would even ransom her to the king’s enemies. One of them, the leader, claimed it would be a waste to let her go without having a little fun with her. It was then that I, the daring young warrior that I was, stormed in to rescue the lady. With my strength and speed as well as heightened senses, I made short work of the bounty hunters but I foolishly did not kill them. I took the Empress and told her of my intentions to take to take her to her kingdom. However, before we set out for Or, the leader of the bounty hunters, who was apparently made of harder stuff than I had originally thought, pulled a knife from his belt. I managed to kill the brute but not before he drove the blade into my chest. If not for the dragon blood in me I surely would have died right there. The next thing I knew, I was lying on the ground with my clothing and armor removed and they had been rolled up to support my head. Rose sat on a stump a few feet away from me, concern and distress on her face. She’d apparently removed my bandages, revealing the scales and claw beneath it. She then asked me if I was a monster; I insisted I wasn’t though I was begot by one. This did not seem to satisfy her so I elaborated. I told her everything: about Orlea being my mother as well as Alskah being my father. I also told her about the reason I left our village. Although I wanted revenge for what my father did, it was not my main motivation. You see, it wasn’t until after my seventeenth year that I had any real motivation to hunt down my father. It happened only two weeks after my birthday. Everyone else thought I just became ill and at first I thought so too. However, what started out as a small fever became so much more. My right arm had begun to grow scales; my nails turned into claws. Had Goth not enlisted the help of Stork, the local priest and healer, I would have transformed into full-fledged dragon. Though he was unable to stop the inevitable complete change, he was able to slow it down using the sin ward. A sin ward is usually a piece of cloth or jewelry blessed by the spirit through prayer. True to its namesake, the ward will protect the wearer from evil; however, it weakens with every sin committed by the wearer. Despite being unable to forgive my father’s actions and despite those actions having denied me a mother and a father, I had intended to one day start a family of my own. This was now impossible and I wanted satisfaction through revenge.

I had sated her curiosity but she still found it difficult to accept that her friend’s father was the dragon that had done all those terrible things twenty years ago. Though I was saddened by her reluctance to see past my lineage, I understood it. I simply told her, “I will take you to your palace.” She gave a small nod and followed. We did not get far.

We made it to the outskirts of the forest when we were suddenly surrounded by the Royal Guard and the king’s advisor. They demanded that I surrender the Empress and face the charges of kidnapping. I threw down my sword. Rose, however, demanded that they let me go. The advisor inquired of Rose why she would wish her kidnapper spared. She simply told them that I not the kidnapper but her rescuer and that I was escorting her home. The advisor did not buy this but he said nothing against it.

He then instructed the Empress to join him on his horse. She took his hand and the instant she was seated, he stormed off with his guards. The captain and two of his men stayed behind. I asked them if there was a problem. They simply said they had a few questions for me but I could sense their ill will. I ask them what kind of questions they intended to ask me. They didn’t answer though the look in their eye told me I had but a second to act. Blades already in hand, they attacked. I retrieved my sword from the ground and I made short work of them, again without killing them. I was alone again and I would have been content to be so if I knew for certain that Rose was safe. Something in my gut told me that she was in danger so I made my way to the city.

I infiltrated the city masquerading as one of the guards that I incapacitated earlier. During my little charade, I discovered something very disturbing. The guards were not guards at all; rather they were Orallesion spies that had infiltrated the city. The real guards had been taken to the dungeon. I also learned there was going to be some kind of uprising and though I moved about with relative ease, it was not long before I was discovered. Fortunately, Goth discovered me as well and together we quickly dispatched the spies. As happy as I was to see her again, she did not have good news. Everyone was dead. When she got to the village there was no one left alive. She did, however, learn who was responsible. The vile serpent, Alskah, and the king’s advisor were, in fact, one and the same. Not to mention, he was in league with the Orallesions.

I, however, learned that I might also be too late to prevent the uprising for it was to begin after the anniversary of Rose’s coronation. Also, I could not stop Alskah alone. I had to warn the king; I had to warn Rose. I started to make my way to the barracks where all the men loyal to the king were being held. Goth and I separated; I made my way to the barracks while Goth headed to the palace. Any Orallesion that got in my way was quickly dispatched.

I made it to the barracks where I made a few new friends. The real captain, Nail, was among them and the information that he shared with me was most unsettling. Not only had the king been taken the dungeon impending execution but the anniversary ceremony was tonight and Alskah intended to make yet another wish, but this time with Rose. We made our way to the palace but once we were inside we had one heck of a fight on our hands. Thanks to the help of my new friends, we managed to make it through with few losses. It was there that we split up. I went after Rose while the guards left to rescue their king. As I made my way to the hall of the Spirit, I began to wonder whether or not Goth had been successful in slowing Alskah down. Then, I prayed a silent prayer that Rose was all right.

I had made it to the sacrificial room unnoticed and there was my father, Rose, and, to my horror, Goth. Nothing could have prepared me for Goth’s lifeless body at the feet of my father. My father had Rose by her hair and he was yelling incoherently at her, I didn’t quite understand what he wanted her to do though it was clear as day she was not cooperating. His patience with her seemed to be running short and as he drew his sword, he told her, “if you will not give me what I want I will take it.” He swung at her but I was already there and I had placed myself between them. My blade collided with his and he jumped back in surprise.

He inquired of me “who are you.” He thought he had removed all obstacles. I had intended to disappoint him permanently. I told him exactly who I was then I came at him and we fought for what seemed like hours. Despite my strength, I was no match for him. It did not take long for me to tire and when I did, he showed me no mercy. In a last desperate act to save me, Rose promised to give him what he wanted if he would spare me. He hesitated, badly hurt and barely able to lift my own sword, I took the one option I had left available to me. I removed the sin ward I had worn around my wrist the past three years and the inevitable finally came. I became a dragon.

It would appear the tables had turned. When I came at him again and again, I could clearly see he was tiring. Despite this, he was still able to evade me for a short while but it was only a matter of time before my power overcame his. Having given him no options left, he did the one despicable thing I prayed he would not. He turned on Rose and panic struck me. Desperate to get between them, I dropped my guard and he took advantage of my lapse in concentration. I felt his blade slide in between my scales. The wound he inflicted was too great; I staggered as all strength left my legs and I fell, and, as I lay there half submerged in the Spirit’s spring, I felt my mind beginning to fade. Thinking I was defeated, my father turned his attention back on Rose, whom was standing right behind him. That was his last mistake.

Rose had taken up my blade and brought the blade down. Though he had little time to react, he managed to dodge, but in the wrong direction. Summoning what strength I had left, I drove him through with one of the spikes on my tail. He was dead before he hit the floor.

It was finally over. My father was dead and Rose was safe. But my time had come. And though I was dying she was with me and I had never been happier. And, to my surprise, she was actually crying for me. I had known her my whole life and I’ve never seen her cry before. The sun rose and as it did my father’s corpse retook its original form. My heart stopped.

I died in her arms, though it was not the end, not for her. The hour of sacrifice had come and she was ready to pay the price. That morning, she spilled her life blood for me that I might live. But she did not die; no, she could not die for the blood of the late Empress Orlea ran through my veins and I had given it for her that she might live.

The next morning I awoke… human. As for Rose, she was at my side and there she remained to this day.



Content and overview

Book overview: this novel is a fantasy-based story with Christian ideals incorporated into the main body . The beginning of “The Dragon King” will be written in third person. The story opens with Jura anticipating an attack from the kingdom of Orlea. He will be heading out to meet them before they reach the city of Oar. While making his way he is confronted by several of his men whom had followed him. They inquired as to whether or not he is abandoning them before battle. He informs them that he intends to meet the Orallesion’s head-on. Unable to see wisdom in his plan King Jura simply asks them to trust him. They reluctantly agree. However they insist to accompany him since he is so confident. He tries to talk them out of it but they do not give. Inspired by their loyalty and determination to follow him into battle Jura allows them to accompany. Though in a last attempt to change their minds he insists that they must know everything before they make their final decision.(Jura then shares with them his life story in the form of the outline written above This part of the story will be written in first person then at the conclusion switch back to third person). Having been convinced that telling them the truth would sway their decision to follow him they were still unwilling to leave his side. Moved by their trust and loyalty Jura allows them to accompany him to the battlefield. Before they depart he discloses one last piece of information. Removing his right brace he reveals a tattoo similar in design to the sin Ward he use to wear. Suggesting to them that he would again become a Dragon. They’re slightly shaken by this news but there decisions have been made they would follow their King into battle.

Setting & background: the historical background of the land in this fictional story is based off of the events that transpired in the Bible. However the main and most significant difference being instead of a serpent it was the Dragon that tricked Eve. It was this dragons jealousy towards humanity for the spirit’s favor that caused him to act as he did. As punishment for this Dragons hand in the downfall of man he was stripped of his wings and forbidden passage to the kingdom of heaven. Any of the other dragons who felt the same as he did suffered the same fate. In addition to these punishments from now until the end of time dragons will be hunted down out of spite for the Dragon that tricked Eve.

Spirit: the character known as the spirit in this fictional story is biased off of God

Jura: This rambunctious and playful youth is the protagonist of our story. Jura was raised by his mother’s personal bodyguard Goth and never met either of his parents. His mother being the late Empress Orlea and his father the Black Dragon Alskah. He spent many hours of his youth training in the way of the sword under the tutelage of his Guardian, though he spent the majority of his free time with his best friend Rose. For most of Jura’s childhood he wanted only to find his father and make him pay. However the more time passed and closer he got to Rose the more he just wanted to start his own family.

Alskah: Hundreds of year’s old and direct descendant to the Dragon that tricked Eve, Alskah is cunning and seductive. Wants everything he can’t and shouldn’t have and will stop at nothing to get it. He is Jura’s biological father.

Goth: Formal Vigil to empress Orlea

Orlea: Jura’s mother and the late empress. As her name suguests she is Orallesion.

Oraido: the kingdom’s ruler for the past 50 years. The King was also a close friend to Jura’s mother Orlea.

Nail: Captain of the guard and the personification of loyalty.

Hander: Roses Father and master Enchanter.

Stork: local monk and healer.

Vigil: every empress is assigned a personal body guard. They are the most highly educated swordsman in the land and the most enduring to an almost inhuman level. They never leave there post and will go days without rest. Despite there lack of sleep they don’t grow weary or even slow down. They Are the Vigilant.

Empress: The empresses have served the kingdom since it was founded by King David. When the time comes for an Empress to die a successor is chosen by the spirit. And though their fate is set at birth it is not until the 19th year after their birth they are revealed. On their 19th year one of the high priests is selected to drink of the spirits spring. He is then granted a vision indicating the location and identity of the new Empress. Once found she too drinks from the spring and is endowed with all the past memories left behind by the previous empresses. The Empress also receives the ability to heal in exchange for a year of her life span. Once initiated the Empress serves as the emissary to the spirit and as such her authority is higher than that of the Kings. Her Responsibilities include: overseeing her kingdom and how it is ruled by its King, to look over the church and all who serve the spirit, and to be caretaker of the spirits spring. As caretaker the Empress is required to make tribute to the spirit on the anniversary of her initiation every year. The tribute is made with a prayer and a small sacrifice of blood, her own blood. In exchange for the empresses continued reverence her prayer is answered and any blessings that come forth from these prayers will last 20 years when they must then be renewed. However if the Empress is to offer her life blood as tribute than any blessings that come forth have no expiration.

Orallesion’s: Adamah has long since been at war with the neighboring kingdom of Orlea. Desperately trying to expand his empire the King of overlay has yet to maintain a decent offensive despite his many attempts. Interesting enough the King has yet another motive for his hatred towards Adamah the Empress Orlea was one of the Kings daughters.

(Adamah\Oar): the name of the kingdom that the majority of the story takes place in is known as “Adamah” deriving from the Hebrew language it translates into “ground” or “earth” and is related to the words adom (red), admoni (ruddy), and dam (blood). Adamah is a theocracy run by the King whom acts as the supreme governor of the kingdom. Though the Empress possesses superior authority it is still the King who runs the kingdom.

Enthrallment: among many of the gifts that the Spirit bestows upon those who follow him. Enthrallment also known as enchanting is essentially the ability to extract the physical attributes directly out of one or more of the many elements of nature and folding it into heated metal. This elementally enhanced metal can then be shaped into a many assortment of tools capable of the extraordinary.


Personal Notes: at times during the main story, I could put in a bit of narration by old Jura, to move along the plot, or even switch back to the king and his men; for instance if I want to switch a scene or make a point I could switch to the king and his men, and have one of the men ask a question witch will bring us back to the main story in the next scene. Need to come to a final decision regarding the final battle at the conclusion of the story. Also need to construct a map as well as provide some illustrations. regarding Jura and his inevitable transformation into a Dragon “The sin Ward weakens with every sin he commits thus his own inability to forgive his father’s actions becomes his downfall”. Regarding the sin ward; that’s the sort of plot element  that I might want to refer to earlier in the story, off hand, and a few times again before the main revelation. For example, the concept of a sin ward could be introduced by Jura passing through a village where people are tormented by an evil, so lots of people wear sin wards for protection.