Burner’s Games

Burner Pong

Above I managed to recreate the original classic video game and managed to program a simple AI.

Space Burner (Asteroid Shooter)

Space Burner is basically a cross between Galaga and Asteroids. Very simple game but fast-paced and fun. Still improving and adding new things.

Tap Race

This is a very simple game I helped a student make. Basically what it sounds like. This is a game to see who can tap their button the fastest.


Merry Christmas Everyone. been a while since I uploaded anything art related, so I figured I should push something out at least for the holiday. Been working on this since this morning. Hope you guys like it. 

This is an Asperi; a magical species of Horse from the second D&D 3.5 monster manual. The creature has power over the wind and cold, is highly intelligent, and can fly (literally) with the wind. Better than most dragons in fact. They are pretty rare though they can mostly be found roaming around frozen mountain ranges.

Stepping Out the Front Door

These are watercolors I did for my Experimental Painting Class. Had a lot of fun with this seeing as it was a bit out of my comfort zone. My process for these pieces were simple. All I did was mess with some pre-existing photos of some simple landscapes gave them a high contrast and dominant color scheme. Once they where done and in front of me I just did my best to paint them with water color. Hope you like them.