Child of the Forest

Author(s): Jeremy Burner
Color Scheme(s): Full color
Image Version(s):

  • [12.22 x 8.267 In]    $20.00 USD

This is actually my first attempt a speed still life. Sadly this can no longer be considered a ‘speed’ drawing, as I have since improved upon it. Also, I realize the wolf isn’t real however I did draw the background from scratch while looking at a reference photo. It was a lot of fun and i think it turned out quite nicely ^^

The story behind this character is that he is the son of Donza, Chief of the Ora, a tribe of warriors who have mastered the art of manipulating there (Internal energy/soul) and harness it as a weapon. Using the power within them they can perform impossible feats like flight or even shape-shifting.

Child, is the traditional name awarded to children of the Ora until they come of age and prove themselves worthy of a new name. Our hero’s story begins when he and other members of his tribe, including his father Donza, are attacked while providing safe passage for the king and his body guards. There attackers posses startling strength and through ambush managed to overpower the youth, leaving him mortally wounded.

On the precipice of defeat and seeing the fall of their son, chief Donza and his wife retreat and take cover, in order to perhaps rescue their fallen son. However his wounds prove to grievous, and whats worse they are still surrounded by their attackers. In a desperate act to preserve the life of their son Donza, with the assistance of his wife, manage to transfer Child’s soul into the body of their pet hound. The transference is only just completed they are finally discovered and killed. However since the transfer process left our hero nothing more than a comatose dog lying at his former body’s feet, Child was completely overlooked by his attackers. Thus child was the only survivor.

It has now been six years of watching over the remaining members of his tribe, as well as training and recuperating from the disadvantages of his new condition. The death of his parents still haunt him and the time has finally come, as he sets out for revenge.

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