(DAY 7. 4 HOURS)

Day seven, I spent the first hour of the shift picking out stock video of Turkey for an upcoming project then once I had finished I resumed my research into the new management software. During my search I ran into a bit of a big snag as one of the software’s had very limited information available and I was forced to write an email to tech support.

(DAY 8. 4 HOURS)

Day nine, I spent the bulk of this shift sifting through the stock footage I had picked out for Kenson, and, using his card, I purchased the footage, sorted it and began layering in Final Cut. Toward the end of the shift I checked emails to see If I had gotten a response form tech support. No such luck. I decided to continue digging out info for a different software instead.

(DAY 9. 4 HOURS)

Day nine, Kenson’s kid came in today though I spent today working on the missionary video for Turkey. Kenson was busy making a bunch of phone calls, so I got to watch his boy for a bit then he asked me to run to the store real quick to pick up some batteries, water, and fruit. By the time I got back my shift was already over.

Senior Show (April 19th – May 10th)

My senior show Begins tomorrow. Graduation is close. I doubt anyone lives near Bowie but the event is open. My work will be displayed in the main Gallery of the Fine and Performing Arts Center. I will also be present for the entirety of the reception. 



(DAY 6. 8 HOURS)

Day 6, though shorter was also way more packed than usual. First I got right to work editing one of the video projects I had been assigned before, then after an hour Kenson sat down with me and gave me a new project. He told me he was thinking of investing in a new studio management software and tasked me with researching potential candidates. This entailed that I make a list and table for the top software’s available and list the pros and cons for each. Below is the table:



(DAY 5. 8 HOURS)

Day five was another long day, for the most part all Kenson had me do was organize more files and continue editing the next video. After about two hours of editing, he assigns me my own work space then tells me that after today he wants to change around the schedule so that he can get more effective work from me. We talk about it for about ten minutes and eventually decide that it would be best to split up my work load between two four-hour shifts per week. After we break, Kenson and me go over what I managed to get done the past couple of days and he seems pleased. He decides to keep most of the work I did and gives me further instructions on his preference of the video then leaves me to finish it.


(DAY 3. 8 HOURS)

Day three was another slow day. For the first two hours I organized files when another client came in and I took notes during the interview. After words we got started right away with the clients project starting with a basic outline of what we were going to shoot. Durring the last hour Kenson showed me some new software and websites to help me with our next project.


(DAY 4. 8 HOURS)

Day four was a little more interesting or at least the later part was. For the first hour Mr Kenson had me organize the notes from the previous meeting. The once he was satisfied with what I had he let me get started on the project we were working on before only this time he gave me more breathing room letting me not only organize the files but also take a try at building the video myself. He told me he was now confident in my skills and understanding of the software and that even if he ended up not going with what I make that at the very least I might give him ideas and help him find anything missing from the files he gave me to organize and compile.


(Day 2. 8 hours)

The second day was also relatively simple work day. Today Mr. Kenson gave me a thorough tour of the building showed me where he kept the churches camera equipment, and taught me how to set up, store, and transport all the equipment. He also showed me how prep and inspect the equipment. About half way through the tour a client came in and I played secretary and took notes while they talked.


(Day 1. 8 hours)

So I got a job at Grace Community Church in Columbia (8200 Old Columbia Rd, Fulton, MD 20759) My employers name is Kenson Noel, he is a wedding photographer and video producer for hire and his number is: (917) 607-3064. The terms of my employment are personal assistent.

For the first day of work, I was introduced to the staff at the church. Once settled I was taken to the office Kenson primarily worked from then shown several different video editing softwares. Afterwords I was asked to sort and organize different video files so as to make the editing process easier for him later. Durring the sorting process I began getting familiar with the program Final Cut Pro.

(Senior Show) The Dragon and the Onion Girl

Ok everyone. Graduation is here and its time for me to prep for my senior show. The theme of which is going to be my new book. That is right, for my main show I am going to be designing and digitally painting 22 full paged color illustrations for my book “The Dragon and the Onion Girl.” The main goal of my show is to be able to tell the whole story with only these paintings. Of course I intend to convert them to black and white for the official book itself, however for this show its going to be full color spreads.

For those interested in exactly what my show is going to look like, is a general rough layout.

Ok everyone, here we have the very rough thrown together layouts for my illustrations.













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