(DAY 3. 8 HOURS)

Day three was another slow day. For the first two hours I organized files when another client came in and I took notes during the interview. After words we got started right away with the clients project starting with a basic outline of what we were going to shoot. Durring the last hour Kenson showed me some new software and websites to help me with our next project.


(DAY 4. 8 HOURS)

Day four was a little more interesting or at least the later part was. For the first hour Mr Kenson had me organize the notes from the previous meeting. The once he was satisfied with what I had he let me get started on the project we were working on before only this time he gave me more breathing room letting me not only organize the files but also take a try at building the video myself. He told me he was now confident in my skills and understanding of the software and that even if he ended up not going with what I make that at the very least I might give him ideas and help him find anything missing from the files he gave me to organize and compile.

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