(DAY 7. 4 HOURS)

Day seven, I spent the first hour of the shift picking out stock video of Turkey for an upcoming project then once I had finished I resumed my research into the new management software. During my search I ran into a bit of a big snag as one of the software’s had very limited information available and I was forced to write an email to tech support.

(DAY 8. 4 HOURS)

Day nine, I spent the bulk of this shift sifting through the stock footage I had picked out for Kenson, and, using his card, I purchased the footage, sorted it and began layering in Final Cut. Toward the end of the shift I checked emails to see If I had gotten a response form tech support. No such luck. I decided to continue digging out info for a different software instead.

(DAY 9. 4 HOURS)

Day nine, Kenson’s kid came in today though I spent today working on the missionary video for Turkey. Kenson was busy making a bunch of phone calls, so I got to watch his boy for a bit then he asked me to run to the store real quick to pick up some batteries, water, and fruit. By the time I got back my shift was already over.

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