About the Artist

My name is Jeremy Burner.

First and foremost I am a devout follower of Jesus Christ. I also happen to be a 25-year-old artist, published author, philosopher and digital media arts major currently attending school at Bowie State University in Maryland. I have lived in the state of Maryland for almost eight years and am currently work as a courtesy clerk and cashier at the local Harris Teeter (grocery store) in order to pay for school. I have lived all over the world and seen more at age 15 then most see there entire lives.

Although I will confess as to not be overly fond of most politicians, It should also be noted that as far as politics and applied philosophy goes, my stance is that of a republican, conservative,  as well as a monotheistic objectivist. When it comes to discussion of such topics I am both passionate and friendly.

When it comes to my carrer in art I at first mostly did sketches with color pencils. After a while, I  moved more towards digital art before also picking up an interest in the litterary arts. On top of these skills I have a great deal of other trades and hobbies that I excel at, however, by far the most notable of these I would say is my ability to write and invent fables and stores.

I consider my self a friendly and patient individual with a deep love of people and conversation. If your ever in the naiborhood and feel in the mood for a good story, conversation or would just like some work done, feel free to stop by and say hello.


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