Don Transformation

spinter-tf-(2):    1 Day     :

It has been one day since the evacuation. Last night was long, if you can even call it night since this planet has two sons. Despite the ever presence of light it is a very faint light thanks to the thick neon foliage. Also I kept hearing noises.
Flag is out looking for food, while I set up camp, and while I salvage what I can from the cruiser that we crashed during the escape.
The heat and humidity is too much, I try to keep cool but I’m wary of the water as its unnatural glow could hide all sorts’ of creatures just beneath the surface.
I can still feel it, that organism that Lora was researching. To think that it’s not only inside me, but that it’s actually messing with my DNA. Nearly all of my hair has already fallen out, and my skin has begun to lose its tan. I have even started growing claws. We need to get it out of me. If I can manage to get a ship up and running, and get us back to civilization, then maybe they can cut the creature out of me before it can manage to do any extensive damage to my body.
At the very least I hope Lora made it to the colony safely, if you are hearing this love, then know that I can’t wait to see you again. Stay safe and stay strong. I am on my way. Don Out.

:   2 weeks   :

It has been two weeks since we first set up camp. The humidity isn’t as bad as it used to be though Flag disagrees. Maybe I have just gotten used to it.
We managed to find the wreckage of a downed destroyer and I was able to salvage some of the frame and the engine but the life support is completely shot. I might be able to salvage the weapons too but that will take time. Time I don’t have. With every passing day more and more of me changes. I doubt even Lora would recognize me or that anyone other than flag would mistake me as human. I mean, Sure I have gotten taller, faster, and in some cases, stronger, but the bulk of my changes have in no way been that subtle.
First off my fingers/claws have begun to fuse together and I have already lost a few digits. Also my teeth have grown long and jagged though not so much that I can’t still chew my food. Yesterday Flag noticed I’ve been eating allot more. He insists that I should stay busy working on the ship but honestly I don’t see the point. Sure I want to go home but it’s taking too long and it is going to take longer still if we can’t find the right parts. There is only so much I can do without the proper components, so I have decided to accompany him on his little hunting expositions. Maybe while we hunt together I can keep an eye out for the right parts.
Still I haven’t given up hope. I am coming. Whether I am still human when I do is doubtful but I refuse to let that slow me down. Don out.

:  2 months  :

It has been two months since the attack. While out hunting yesterday I ran into a scout. Since I started joining flag I’ve gotten allot better at moving about quickly without being seen and I don’t think it saw me but it’s hard to tell. Flag and I knew it was only a matter of time before the bugs took an interest in this planet. Sure enough they have begun nesting near the wreckage of the abandoned research facility. Now that they are here we will have to tread more carefully and if we are going to make it off this rock at all we are going to have leave soon. Unfortunately we will have to do it without the resources left behind by the URSC.
On the bright side, I have almost finished constructing the frame for our ship but navigation and life support still need work. It’s certainly not your standard run of the mill destroyer, but I’ve managed to salvage the full rods from our cruiser which is a little big for the ship but should still be compatible, if I can make room that is. I scraped the weapon system completely and converted it into a heavy duty forward shield generator, not only will it this help with full efficiency but since the engine is nuclear I might be able to run the whole ship off of it. Crossing what’s left of my fingers.
As it turns out I don’t sweat anymore and I think it has to do to the fact that I am now undoubtedly cold blooded. If that isn’t enough churn your stomach then wait till you hear about my tail. That’s right I have a f%#king lizards tail. I’ve even started growing these weird spine things on my lower back and on the top of my head. I am under no illusions, if and when we do get home I am going to need to do some serious explaining. Flag says I don’t have anything to worry about and that he will do the talking, but honestly, I’m less worried about whether or not URSC soldiers will just shoot me on sight and more worried that Lora might not be able to fix what that parasite did to me let alone take it out of me.
Also something else troubles me about my changes. I’ve read about how the pit viper can tell where it’s pray is by sensing the body heat of its victims but this is entirely different. I can see everything around me even when my eyes are closed, and not just animals, but the ground the trees, and I can see it all just using this… sixth sense. It only seems to have a range of up to fifty feet but still. What this thing inside me has done to me, defy what I thought I understood about science and biology. Fortunately the changes thus far have been only physical. My mind, beyond my new sixth sense and new hunting prowess, remain unaltered. I hope that will be enough when we get home. Don out.

:  3 months  :

It is finally done. I still have to finish with the navigation software but other than that, and gathering supplies for our trip home, the ship is done. If our luck holds out we will be on our way by tomorrow. Since I managed to fix the air conditioning, Flag has taken to sleeping inside the ship. I don’t think I have ever seen him sleep so well. As for me, sleep just gets harder and harder. And why wouldn’t it, just under 3 months I went from being you average Joe to being a ten foot tall spiny scaly lizard man. My tail has grown almost as long as I am tall, worse still about a four days ago I started getting this weird bulge on my chest and sides that just got bigger and bigger. Then just two days after that suddenly I have two new appendages. Just when I though having a tail was the worst this parasite inside me could possibly do, now I literally have four arms. I guess there is just no knowing how or what will change next, not until I get this thing out. It’s bad enough that I have had to endure the process of having my humanity striped from me, but to wake up every single day and not recognize your body from the night before. It’s more than I can live with any more. Soon enough I won’t have to. I am going home. We are going home. Don out.

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