Does anyone else like magic?



I have recently grown quite fond of a card game simply known as Magic the gathering. As to the games straights, it is both competitive, personal, and stimulating. The cards themselves are beautifully made, and the artists who produce them exceptionally skilled. Once again the writers who produce the lore and stories have somehow managed to incorporate their world and its workings into the very mechanics of the game itself. the more you play the game the more you learn about the world behind it. I wish more businesses and tradesmen put this much love and dedication into their work.

The first and by far the most favorite deck I have built is a Lore friendly Werewolf Deck:

Werewolf Deck

I have also built several other decks including two Boros Guild decks and a Selesnya

Gidions-Battalion Deck

Boros-Legion Deck

Selesnya-Populate Deck

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