(Day 1. 8 hours)

So I got a job at Grace Community Church in Columbia (8200 Old Columbia Rd, Fulton, MD 20759) My employers name is Kenson Noel, he is a wedding photographer and video producer for hire and his number is: (917) 607-3064. The terms of my employment are personal assistent.

For the first day of work, I was introduced to the staff at the church. Once settled I was taken to the office Kenson primarily worked from then shown several different video editing softwares. Afterwords I was asked to sort and organize different video files so as to make the editing process easier for him later. Durring the sorting process I began getting familiar with the program Final Cut Pro.

(Senior Show) The Dragon and the Onion Girl

Ok everyone. Graduation is here and its time for me to prep for my senior show. The theme of which is going to be my new book. That is right, for my main show I am going to be designing and digitally painting 22 full paged color illustrations for my book “The Dragon and the Onion Girl.” The main goal of my show is to be able to tell the whole story with only these paintings. Of course I intend to convert them to black and white for the official book itself, however for this show its going to be full color spreads.

For those interested in exactly what my show is going to look like, is a general rough layout.

Ok everyone, here we have the very rough thrown together layouts for my illustrations.













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