Begining and Close for the Sprite of Eden

Here is the final. Thanks for watching.SpriteHere we go. Its mini Sprite and big Sprite. fixed an issue with the arms and cleaned up the proportions and shading.
Sprite first draft 2Here is sprite after I’ve outlined him and given him more color. Obviously I still have a long way to go, however now I know more about which direction I want .Sprite the VigilantHere is a quick sketch of Sprite, the Hero from my book The Dragon and the Onion Girl. I used a photograph of a friend as a reference for this and I am really pleased with how it turned out. Sprite 2

School – Time = No Writing

Sadly school is not agreeing with my social life right now. If I could just get an hour of freedom tomorrow then its possible I could finish the next chapter but its not looking good with the amount of work that got dumped on me today. I have just finished a rough sketch of the young warrior Sprite. Might have that up later tonight.

Octavia Butler: school Project


Re-shoot went as planned and I have begun editing. still have more shooting to do but its looking promissing.


Shooting did not go as planned at all. The costume for my actress ended up being far more authentic then I origonaly thought. Early during the shoot someone saw the costume and reported to the police. Nearly 15 squad cars showed up on the scene ten minutes in as well as the fire department. I was let off so long as I agreed to relocate.


So the script has been writen, my cast  and crew have been found, I have the schedual worked out, and I have all my props. One of those props(fake blood)is showing up late so I ended up making my own. made it out of corn syrup, food coloring, koolaid, and flower. Now just to shoot the film. shooting will take place this friday april 29th 2016.


Hello friends. As always hard at work in school, and the project I am currently working on is a short film adaption of Octavia Butlers stand alone novel Fledgling.

The plot of this book follows a fifty-three year old girl who is a member of a race of beings called the Ena, or vampires. The story starts off with the main character waking up in darkness not knowing who or what she is, and it follows her on her quest for answers and healing.

My short film will only encompass the first ten minutes of a scene that takes place in the second chapter of the book. I have a screen play written, and I have began thinking about casting, location, schedule and costume.