Jereth Bane (Subject 25)

Jereth Bane Charicter sheetI wrote a segment on Werewolf’s. check it out at my deviant art page.

{still not finished with the character sheet i still need to set up some type of background, as i don’t have any ideas at the moment I’m open to suggestions. anyway hope you like him :aww:}


this is the flying mount I came up with when I saw this awesome wisp creature with a skull face I practically cut and past it from although the rest of him is original.

the credit for my Wyvern’s skull gose to :iconbirvan: for his creature the skullwisp…. thanks Birvan for alowing me to post this :aww:

Original drawing was done in color pencil then edited with gimp and then much later Photoshop.


Does God Hate Gay?

Dose God Hate GayI do however hate malicious loaded questions. ^^ seriously why do people feel the need to ask us questions like this, when they already have it in there mind what we are going to say?

I think this could grow into a series. thinking of calling it Egg Head and Block Head… no relation. XD
What do you think?

If there are any questions or topics you would like to see addressed in my future comics I’m always looking for some good ideas. Leave a comment below and let me know.


Need For God

Need for GodXD I heard this Great joke a long time ago and just recently heard it again during the Ken Ham/Bill Nye debate. I was so board I decided to do a comic. I know its a little different then what I normally do but life would be a drag if we didn’t expand outside our comfort zone every once in a while. Hope you all like it.