Gabriel Saint

Gabriel SaintThis is just a little something I felt like doing while I continued working on my novel. really cant wait until I’m finished. anyway hope you like him. had a bit of trouble picking out a color for the hoodie a good friend of mine suggested white but it didn’t stand out very well against my white background so i gave purple a try which seems to have turned out ok though still not sure. let me know what you think.gabriel_saint_by_jereth_bane-d79ypo7

Gabriel and Rachel

Gabriel and RachielThis is an illustration from one of the stories I am writing.
It has been done entirely in Photoshop. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you see anything off with the picture as I adore critiques.


new creatureThis bugger is a creature combo of a turtle a jellyfish and a metroid…or at least he was inspired by the three creatures so anyway this guy was originally done in Photoshop took me about a half hour from start to finish. Though my drawings are never really done. i will constantly be correcting mistakes as i find them if any help pointing them out would be appreciated.


Roommate“uh Jason… this isn’t what it looks like”

Anyway me and :iconadolfreinhardaddict1: are doing an art trade and we both requested werewolves. I really don’t know what happened with mine, I had this really amusing image in my head but alas, it didn’t quite turn out the way I had envisioned. well what ever the case Ms AdolfReinhardAdict1 I hope you like it sorry it didn’t turn out so good.